Smart home automation services in Labelle, Cape Coral, Fort Myers FL

Smart home automation is the new and in thing in places like Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Labelle, Port Charlotte and Sanibel. And there to help you with your smart home automation is Alert 1. We are talking about bleeding edge technologies such as wireless Z-Wave that enables you to control your home and environment from devices such as smart phone, tablets and notebooks.

Then there is Savant – a home automaton product that enables you to control lighting, temperature, entertainment and security systems. If you have wi-fi or a cellular signal, then you can communicate and interact with your home in ways you would never have thought possible.

Integrated smart home automation can tell you when the kids are home, that you left your garage door open, unlock your front door, enable electronic deadbolts and more.  It is about control, convenience and above all, safety. From doors that lock automatically to connected alarms and monitoring systems. Now you can see what’s going on in and around your home, even when you are away.

Of course, there are the little conveniences such as turning on the lights and the air con before you arrive home. You connect just about every appliance and device in your home for added safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Smart home automation gives you control over your home systems such as your security system, you comfort systems, your food systems and your entertainment systems. It like having extra help in the house without having to pay weekly wages.

Savant and Z-Wave technologies are reliable and affordable. It is the home automation technology of today and the future. Now you can have


  • Entire home camera monitoring
  • Security sensors in every room
  • Video watching in up to 36 rooms
  • Music streaming in as many as 144 rooms
  • Lighting control for 250 lights/switches
  • Window shade automation throughout your entire home

And more.

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