Savant Wireless Home Control Systems, Home Control Automation and Whole House Automation

Alert 1 Integrated Systems is proud to offer the Savant wireless home automation system to homeowners and builders throughout Southwest Florida. Alert 1 Integrated Systems is pleased to be an authorized Savant dealer. Savant allows you to control your home’s lighting, entertainment, climate and security from any location. All you need is Wi-Fi or a cellular signal and communicating with your home is just a touch away! With our Savant App and TrueControl App, your home will be exactly as you want it! Just tap, and voila! It is that easy with the state-of-the-art Savant technology.

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home for a romantic Date Night or cozy Family Movie Night. Set your home to “wake up” with coffee and the latest morning TV news. With the “Home Soon” option, you can adjust the temperature so it is nice and cool, or warm and toasty, for your arrival home after a long day at work or evening out. Rushed out the door without setting the security system? No problem! Savant will set the alarm and turn the lights off for you! Savant allows you to monitor all of your home security cameras from any location, and will even alert you if there is something going on that you should know about! In your Savant home, the whole family can get in on the action, as multiple users can create their own personalized scenes. The sky is the limit!

With Savant and Alert 1, your dreams of a perfect “smart” home will be realized. Let your imagination be your guide and we make it happen.

Smart Host

Luxury house interior. Living room with beautiful viewSavant’s Smart Host system is ideal for most homes at a very affordable price. When the professionals at Alert 1 install your Smart Host, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Savant experience! Savant Smart Host options include:

  • Cameras capable of monitoring 8 rooms
  • Up to 128 home security sensors
  • Video capability in 8 rooms
  • Customized music streaming in 12 rooms
  • Lighting control of up to 250 lights/switches
  • Heating and air conditioning control for up to 6 thermostats
  • Window shade automation for up to 32 shades

Pro Host

Attractive Happy Mixed Race Young Female Texting on Her Cell Phone Outside Laying in the Grass.Savant’s Pro Host system offered by Alert 1 provides an even more advanced customization solution for your home. Pro Host features include:

  • Entire home camera monitoring
  • Security sensors in every room
  • Video watching in up to 36 rooms
  • Music streaming in as many as 144 rooms
  • Lighting control for 250 lights/switches
  • Window shade automation throughout your entire home

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