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Benefits and risks of installing security camera systems in a shopping mall

When myriads of people comes to spend some quality time with their loved ones or are busy spreeing in a shopping mall, it is important that security uses the best security equipment available. While deploying video security systems in shopping malls, it is very vital to strategically place the security cameras for increasing security as well as providing continuous live monitoring throughout the shopping mall. Our company, Alert 1 based in South-west FL is a reputable company for supplying and trading of a broad array of CCTV Security Cameras for shopping malls in Charlotte County, Glades County and Collier County.


  • Theft Prevention –While looking at possible targets for theft, retail shops, delivery areas and storage facilities within a shopping mall complex are the areas which are targeted most of the times. These cameras can spot suspicious activities easily.
  • A major deterrent to crime– Good placement of surveillance cameras help catch any suspicious person and even prevents criminal activities, thus, giving security personnel a chance to investigate the crime scene and send security officers if required.
  • Safety of the customers- Having security cameras out in the open raises a mall’s overall security and awareness.
  • Investigation of crime-With recorded security camera systems, one can provide the crime branch with high density images and valuable information of suspects on specific incidents. This will help with prosecution.
  • Employee activity monitoring- Both customer relationships and any improper worker conduct can be regularly monitored by video security systems or CCTVs. Apart from that, it also helps in capturing instances of employee crime and theft.


  1. Vandalism– If any mall security camera have been damaged or tampered with, the signal can go haywire or get lost.
  2. Privacy– The placement of security cameras in public areas is widely accepted, but not in areas where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy”, like -mall bathrooms and trial rooms.


Even though it involves some risks, yet security cameras are an excellent way to secure a shopping mall. When a shoplifter or vandal spots a security camera, they are not going to commit the crime and move on.

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