Home Security Systems in Port Charlotte and Sanibel, FL

Home security systems deter and prevent criminal activity

Home security systems are more in demand than ever and if you need better home security in Lee County, Hendry County, Charlotte County, Glades County, Collier County or Southwest FL, then Alert 1 can help. There are many aspects and components when it comes to home security systems including security alarms, access control, video surveillance, remote monitoring, home automation and emergency response.

An alarm system acts as a deterrent to criminal activity and will keep you, your loved ones and your possessions safe. Alarm systems come in variety of models, including hardwired and wireless models. Alarm systems can also be used as fire detectors and pool alarms. Access control systems are another important aspect home security and can help to keep out unwanted intruders. Video monitoring also plays a big role in home security. Video monitoring enables you or a remote security officer to keep an eye on events in and around your home. Video footage can also be used as evidence after an event.

Even with a solid home security system you need to know there is help when things go wrong. When there is an emergency you need emergency response. Apart from phoning, your security system can alert your security company in the event of trouble. This can be when your alarm is triggered, you engage a panic button or your remote surveillance systems triggers an alarm.

With advances in technology home automation has become a reality and also plays a big role in home security. By having central control and automated systems security is greatly improved. For example the ability to arm or disarm your alarm from a remote location or to be able to close or open your garage with a smart app all adds to security and convenience.

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