Home security systems in Cape Coral and Marco Island, FL

Home security system should be current with technology

There is a lot at stake when you consider home security. There is your safety, the safety of your loved ones, the security of your possessions and of the course the general wellness of having peace of mind. There are many home security systems and in order to have peace of mind you need a system that is reliable and effective. And that is exactly what you will get when you deal with Alert 1. They supply and install home security systems throughout Cape Coral, Marco Island and Port Charlotte. They deal with all aspects of home security, from access control to alarm systems, from home automation to monitoring. When it comes to home security systems it is important to remain current with technology. You need to deal with a provider that utilizes state of the art technology and whose systems are reliable, user friendly and effective.

Home security systems are an effective deterrent to crime. That means the fact that you have a home security system should be advertised by way of visible signage. The system itself must be easy to use. This means you need a touch screen control panel that allows you to arm or disarm alarms and manage connected devices. Most home security systems also feature a mobile app that keeps you informed and offers your remote control and management. With a mobile app you can view live video stream from your home.

One of the key components of a home security system are the intrusion sensors. These can be places at various entry and access points and when a sensor is triggered the alarm will be raised. You will also be alerted and so will the security company. Most modern day home security should embrace the concepts of home automation such as automated door locks, thermostat control, garage door control and more.



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